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Metabolism and Nutritional Disorders

Metabolism and Nutritional Disorders

Metabolic and nutritional disorders are, together with cardiovascular disease, the most critical health concern at a global level. According to the “Global status report on noncommunicable diseases” (WHO, 2014), diabetes and obesity represent an alarming trend that calls for new efforts in the development of effective therapies.

In this therapeutic area, psychological aspects can play and important role and information on the patient life-style and habits are crucial to identify and minimize risk factors that can heavily contribute to the disease. In this context, the information gained from PROs in clinical trial research is important in defining treatment benefit within the context of the trial and the potential benefit (better adherence) in clinical practice.

In addition to the experience in the field, OPIS can also offer technological solutions such as ePROs, and can assist researchers in selecting and interpreting PROs to ensure that relevant data are meaningful and to minimize measurement error, which, in turn, simplifies interpretation and helps us to grasp how patients experience their disease and its treatment in clinical research.

More than 40 studies managed

Indications: diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, obesity, unspecified nutritional deficiency, blood cholesterol

Phases: II, IIb, III, IIIb, IV

Other details: interventional and non-interventional studies, studies on medical devices, studies in adults

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Metabolism and Nutritional Disorders